National Health Access

Affordable Health Care for Franchise Operations

Affordable health care for America’s service workers has been a concern of HR Policy Association for more than two decades. Large employers have the ability to influence the cost and quality of health care for their employees, but franchisees typically have less influence in the marketplace.

National Health Access ®

National Health Access ® was developed by the Health Care Policy Roundtable and Aetna for the exclusive use of HR Policy Association members and responds to this need. Marriott International, a leading member of HR Policy Association, is a key driver in this collaboration.

Hospitality and Service Industry Employees of Franchisees

National Health Access ® specifically addresses the concerns of the hospitality and service industry franchisee market. The program is intended for service-oriented corporate entities who seek to support their franchisees by advocating for solutions tailored to this demographic from a cost, quality, and capabilities perspective.

No Impact on Established Broker Relationships

The program recognizes that franchisees typically have relationships with brokers, consultants and producers, and the program is designed so that there will be no impact on these existing relationships. Rather, these organizations will be able to tap into the marketplace influence generated by the more than twenty million beneficiaries of HR Policy Association member companies.

Core Elements of the National Health Access ® Program

  • Self-insured and fully insured medical and pharmacy benefit plans
  • Highly integrated, designated and co-located clinical and customer service teams
    • Dedicated nurse case managers
    • Customer service; 24/7/365; bilingual customer service access
  • Data analytics and insights to support plan design and claim management
  • Aetna One® Flex – Enhanced Care Management Program
    • Focuses on acute, episodic care, admissions prevention and on identifying potential chronic conditions before they begin
    • Wellness consultant services
  • Toolkits and open enrollment materials in English and Spanish
  • Preventive care visits conducted at a plan sponsor worksite
  • Strong and Smart Hospitality Wellness:
    • Guided video and audio well-being content specifically curated to address the health issues hospitality workers face most often.
    • Content available in digital formats in English and Spanish
  • Family First Benefit
    • Optional plan design feature lowers Primary Care Provider office visit and urgent care center cost share for children 18 and under

Optional NHA Programs

  • Bundled Employee Assistance Programs
  • Teladoc for self-insured plans (included for fully insured sponsors)
  • Benefits Administration – technology and outsourcing services to streamline HR, benefits and payroll services (through bSwift)
  • Dental and Vision benefit plans
  • Voluntary benefits – group accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity plans

For additional information regarding National Health Access ®, please contact Colleen McHugh.


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