National Health Access

National Health Access ® Frequently Asked Questions

Which franchises are eligible for National Health Access ®?

  • Any franchisee or franchise management company doing business in the lodging industry, which includes hotels, motels, flotels, resorts, inns, bed and breakfasts, serviced apartments and similar facilities.
  • A franchisee or franchise management company that has 100 or more employees eligible for benefits (that owns or manages at least one hotel or other type of lodging facility shall be deemed to be doing business in the lodging industry.
  • A franchise management company could have multiple brands (Marriott’s, Hiltons, Hyatt’s, for example and/or it could have other franchises (real estate, restaurants, etc.).
  • Any franchisee of, or franchise management company that works with any member of the HR Policy Association (HRPA) or any company that would qualify for membership in the HRPA also qualifies. Prospects from HRPA that do not have a presence in lodging are also candidates for the NHA program.

What makes National Health Access ® unique?

  • Strong backing of HR Policy Association, many of whose members have franchise operations
  • Franchisee Advisory Board made up of NHA program employers
  • Oversight and program management from Health Care Policy Roundtable
  • Data analytics at an NHA Program level, de-identified, to power innovation and program enhancements
  • Custom performance guarantees for NHA participating employers
  • Financial Incentives for NHA participating employers

Does Aetna have experience providing industry specific solutions similar to NHA?

Yes, Aetna has targeted solutions for several industries and in the program with the longest tenure, has successfully shown lower trend over a 7 year period when compared to industry benchmarks. 

What is the savings potential for the NHA Solution?

The NHA program was rolled out effective 1/1/20 with four inaugural employers and it is too early to show results specific to these initial participants. However, through optimal plan design, optimal network design, clinical and service programs there is the potential for plan sponsors to save 13% – 26% on medical and administrative costs combined. Actual plan sponsor savings will depend on current plan and network design, existing products and services and geography. 

What is HR Policy Association and the Health Care Policy Roundtable?

HR Policy Association is an organization of the Chief Human Resource Officers of Fortune 1000 companies. Benefit managers typically report to CHROs who in turn typically report to CEOs. CHROs are the persons in large corporations responsible for health care, and they have a strong interest in effective and efficient health care programs. HR Policy Association is a non-profit corporation, and it created the Health Care Policy Roundtable LLC, a licensed health insurance brokerage, to handle the development and administration of health care solutions benefiting HR Policy Association members.